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We are located in Etobicoke, Toronto.

Questions & Answers

1What is the difference between a podcast and live streaming?
A podcast is a file that is downloaded once in its entirety, and is therefore playable by the user at any time, without the need for an Internet connection. Streaming media, on the other hand, refers to a continuous transmission of data received by a user who is connected to the source of that data, more similar in nature to a television or radio broadcast.
2What are the advantages of podcasting vs live streaming?
The advantage of podcasting is that you can watch or listen anytime to an online audio or video show on your computer, tablet and smartphone. The content available is wide ranging and can be even more compelling than other media types. You have the option to subscribing or just click play. Podcasting allows you to watch and listen to great content, any time and any place. Plus, future episodes of any podcast show you subscribe to will be automatically downloaded directly to your podcast software such as iTunes.

The advantages of Live Streaming is the time sensitive nature of it. Live streaming is live, allowing measures such as the audience to interact with the show, for the release of information which may be newsworthy, for a rare one time performance, or for a series of performances at the same place. Live streaming shows the viewer what is happening now.
3How long does it take to get a standard website up?
After your consultation and upon delivery of your logos, photos, and written content, Love Hertz Media will begin building your website on your server and will send you a rough draft within 5-7 business days. You will then have 8 business days to send and receive two revisions, to adjust any changes and tweaks you may need. Upon approval, your site will go live and you can begin sending traffic to it. Custom projects will take longer.
4Do you offer domain names or web hosting?
At this time we do not offer our own domain or web hosting services, however, we are able to set up these services for you through GoDaddy for a service fee.
5Can I visit the studio?
Podcast studio tours are available for potential clients only. There are no visits to the voice over recording studio.

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