Live Streaming

Live Streaming is bigger than ever, and brands of all sizes are using the powerful technology to connect with their audience around the globe. Whether it's a live performance, a guest speaker, a Q&A panel, a podcast, or any other live event, having an High Definition stream with the proper audio is essential to maintaining your audience's engagement with the content. Love Hertz Media offers high quality live streaming solutions, within a budget able to fit anyone's needs.

On Location Live Stream

$500/4 Hours

We come to your location and go live to air to Facebook, YouTube, Google+, or Twitch!

  • 2 High definition cameras in stationary positions.
  • Radio quality audio from 2 unique sources.
  • Custom graphic overlays displaying your logo and event name.
  • One engineer manning the equipment to ensure the quality of the broadcast.
  • Time listed above accounts for:
    2 Hours Live Stream Broadcast
    1 Hour Load In - 1 Hour Load out
    Additional time, engineers, cameras, and audio can be added for additional fees.
  • Great for special events, live performances, a key speaker, and more.

Custom Build

Ranging Scale

We will build everything you need for a live streaming rig of your own, and educate you on it's simple use!

  • Big or small builds able to fit within your budget.
  • Single or multiple cameras to capture every view.
  • Multiple audio sources recording broadcast quality audio.
  • Top of the line broadcasting software manning your audio and video feeds.
  • Pre-saved settings for quick brodcast to Facebook, YouTube, Google+, or Twitch.
  • Free Estimates
  • Great for churches, live event venues, presentations or meeting rooms, online tutorials, video gamers, and more

View a demonstration of our live streamed events.

Live Streaming FAQ

1What is live streaming (streaming media)?
Streaming media, or Live Streaming, is media that is being consumed by an end-user while it is being delivered by a provider. Traditionally it's used to deliver internet content in real time as it happens. Live streaming is popular with live television shows and special one-time events. It can be used in situations such as broadcasting a live Q&A panel, a church sermon, an office tour, a product demo, and special events such as a festival parade, a live performance, or even a wedding. Live Streaming is everyone's way of sharing their world, with the whole world.
2Where can my viewers watch my Live Stream?
Today, Live Streaming via your favorite social media platform is the easiest and fastest way for viewers to achieve easy access to your media. Once we are set up for broadcast, we will log directly into a Facebook, YouTube, Goolge+ Page, or Twitch Channel of your choice and go live to air.
3Can you distribute my livestream as a podcast?
Absolutely! Once the live stream is finished, we will take your audio file and distribute it like a regular podcast, allowing your media to gain traction on all the top podcasting platforms, including iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn.
4What are good examples of a live stream broadcast?
Live stream content is great to display live events, performances, interviews, Q&A panels, tutorials, and more. The nature of the broadcast being live allows for audience members to interact with the content in real time, such as asking questions to the show hosts. It also allows for sharing of time sensitive information, such as news or an announcement.

Live streaming is great for a rare one time live performance of an artist, or for broadcasting nightly from a performance venue. It can be used to share moments to friends and family around the world such as a wedding, or a weekly church service. It can even be used to broadcast your podcast recording live. The possibilities with live streaming are endless.

Our Equipment

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