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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the difference between a podcast and live streaming?
A podcast is a file that is downloaded once in its entirety, and is therefore playable by the user at any time, without the need for an Internet connection. Streaming media, on the other hand, refers to a continuous transmission of data received by a user who is connected to the source of that data, more similar in nature to a television or radio broadcast.
2What are the advantages of podcasting vs live streaming?
The advantage of podcasting is that you can watch or listen anytime to an online audio or video show on your computer, tablet and smartphone. The content available is wide ranging and can be even more compelling than other media types. You have the option to subscribing or just click play. Podcasting allows you to watch and listen to great content, any time and any place. Plus, future episodes of any podcast show you subscribe to will be automatically downloaded directly to your podcast software such as iTunes.

The advantages of Live Streaming is the time sensitive nature of it. Live streaming is live, allowing measures such as the audience to interact with the show, for the release of information which may be newsworthy, for a rare one time performance, or for a series of performances at the same place. Live streaming shows the viewer what is happening now.
3What are good examples of a live stream broadcast?
Live stream content is great to display live events, performances, interviews, Q&A panels, tutorials, and more. The nature of the broadcast being live allows for audience members to interact with the content in real time, such as asking questions to the show hosts. It also allows for sharing of time sensitive information, such as news or an announcement.

Live streaming is great for a rare one time live performance of an artist, or for broadcasting nightly from a performance venue. It can be used to share moments to friends and family around the world such as a wedding, or a weekly church service. It can even be used to broadcast your podcast recording live. The possibilities with live streaming are endless.
4What are good examples of a podcast?
The rise of podcasts came with the rise of the MP3 and the Apple iPod. It allowed anyone with a microphone to put our a broadcast, much in the style of talk radio. The ease of show distribution via the MP3, iTunes, and the iPod created a new wave of content creators, each a home-based radio-like personality.

The biggest podcasts in the world focus on comedy, education, history, technology, finance, politics, and pop culture, and usually feature an educated, lively, charismatic host, with guest specializing in various topics of discussion.

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